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ECommerce Logistics

The demands of e-commerce are very different to more traditional sales channels and the standard or more traditional warehouse and distribution operations (however sophisticated)

are not always set up to deal with e-fulfillment operations.

Operations set up to deal with medium size or bulk orders to retail outlets that then ‘add-on’ e-commerce direct to the consumer (B2C) are suddenly faced with the realization that the

on-line buying habits of the consumer can have a serious impact on the picking and dispatch operations. This is further compounded by the increase in returns as the seasoned internet

shopper will order many variants (e.g. size or color) of the same product at the same time safe in the knowledge that they can return the incorrect ones and have still received the one they

actually want on the first delivery.

The nature of the B2C e-commerce model means that the order profiles are likely to change as the B2C orders will be smaller (i.e. fewer items per order) as opposed to the medium or bulk

B2B orders. Quite simply e-fulfillments and e-commerce logistics is different.

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